Optima Batteries. RedTop, BlueTop, YellowTop best performance and lasting life that's Optima all about.

History of Optima Battery firm

In 1972, Donald McClelland and John Devitt applied for the first patent on a maintenance-free lead/acid battery. A year later, the Gates Rubber Company, out of Denver, CO, began their own development of the first sealed lead/acid battery...

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Optima RedTop

Optima Redtop batteries are some of the best in the industry when it comes to providing reliable and quality starting power to a vehicle. The high performance battery construction of the Optima Redtop means that it will outlast and outperform...

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Optima BlueTop

The Optima Bluetop line of batteries is the heavy-duty line of batteries designed for deep cycle use. In contrast to the Redtop line of batteries, the Bluetop series has a dark gray casing that signifies their suitability for deep cycle use.

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Optima YellowTop

The Optima YELLOWTOP® is part of the Optima family of high-performance AGM batteries that also includes REDTOP® and BLUETOP® models. AGM, which stands for Absorption Glass Mat, is the latest, leading-edge technology being used for producing starting and...

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Optima RedTop Application

Proven to be a compact battery which consistently turns over without fail in extreme conditions, The Red Top Optima battery is perfect for use in all makes and models of cars, stock or modified. Known for its ability to deliver the highest performance under the most extreme G forces, it is a favorite with racing enthusiasts.

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Optima BlueTop Application

Because of its spiral cell technology, the Optima battery is ideal for high performance water craft, commercial or non-commercial. Marine boating conditions are extreme, and many a conventional battery has proven to being unable to hold up to such extreme conditions. Vibrations and extended impact shocks...

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Optima YellowTop Application

The Optima Yellow Top beats out a conventional battery when it comes to trucks. This battery has been certified to withstand a life cycle test of 350 complete discharges. Approved by the government for military use, the Optima battery is designed for quick response under extreme conditions...

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